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Wrightstown is one of the oldest communities in Wisconsin. Founder, Hoel S. Wright came to Wisconsin in 1833 as a surveyor for much of northeastern Wisconsin. He opened a trading post and ferry service for the local inhabitants and called his settlement Bridgeport. He also supported efforts to make the Fox River more navigable so that his settlement could develop into a thriving commercial center. The Brown County Board of Supervisors recognized his efforts in 1854 by naming the township after him.

Carl G. Mueller arrived in the Village of Wrightstown from Germany in 1856. Working as a clerk for Wright, he succeeded to Wright’s many business interests. He opened a general store, sawmill and brewery, and donated money to both the local Lutheran and Catholic churches. In 1871 he purchased and refurbished the Wright home for his family, and he and his descendants lived in the home until 1968.

The Mueller-Wright House is the repository of the accumulated history of the Village of Wrightstown and the surrounding towns of Brown County. It’s collection of artifacts, documents and photos help tell the story of the area from Wright’s arrival in the 1830’s until today.